The Taj Mahal Review - Poetry magazine - India

The Taj Mahal Review - Poetry magazine - India

by Brian Wells

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Poet, Amanda Blue Leigh, who has spent most of her professional life as a singer/ songwriter out of New York/Los Angeles, beginning in NYC in the 1980’s in her band SPIDER, is also a published poet.

In 2013 with her first poem being accepted into the poetry magazine ‘Taj Mahal Review’ out of India, she has since published regularly in this magazine and is preparing a poetry book for their release in 2024.

Her poetry is deeply connected to her spiritual life, a description of the inner voices of the Heart, mystery, query, vulnerability, honesty and the creative spirit. All our connection to the Great Soul, G O D.

The places in-between that we all share, our common ground, the way we recognize each other across cultural, spiritual, political lines.

Rather than traditional poetry describing life and the world as we experience it materially, her poetry explores the inner world of feelings, dreams, belief systems, self love, spiritual love, eros, grief, truth .. longing … of out of mind reality.

In 1992 Amanda met the legendary writer and explorer Sir Laurens Van De Post. Because of his relationship with Jung the psychologist, in his lifetime, he mentored and introduced Amanda to Jungian therapy, studying the inner world through self reflection, self knowledge and awareness, continuous healing through the creative process of poetry, music and art.


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